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No matter what your industry or what type of commercial facility your company uses, it is critical to have the best appearance, inside and out. McCord Contractors Inc. is a trusted commercial painting contractor specializing in interior and exterior painting for buildings of all types, styles, and sizes. A fresh coat of paint does wonders for the look of any commercial facility, whether it is a retail store, restaurant, or office.  A fresh coat of paint will do wonders for any commercial setting and environment and will provide aesthetics and compliment your facilities appearance. Plus, with McCord Contractors Inc. handling your commercial painting needs, your project will be completed efficiently, on time and in a way that’s minimally invasive to your operations and your clientele.

*This is what sets us apart from our competitors*

bridge 2 commercial painting
bridge 2 commercial painting
bridge 1 commercial painting
color chart 2 resize 2 commercial painting
Color Chart 01 resize commercial painting
bridge 2 commercial paintingbridge 1 commercial paintingcolor chart 2 resize 2 commercial paintingColor Chart 01 resize commercial painting

Commercial Painting Best Practices

At McCord Contractors, Inc, we employ the best practices and use the right coating or paint system for the job at hand. There’s no substitute for good surface preparation and designing the correct paint application to accomplish the best value of your investment.

For more information about all our services we invite you to contact us today so that we can make an accurate assessment of your particular process or industry and provide you with accurate solutions.

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Please Take Note:

Given workplace liability, the safety of our workers and those within close proximity to the process as well as inconsistent results, we no longer acid etch or advocate its use as a surface preparation method for concrete flooring to receive a resinous system. To produce the correct surface profile for the greatest adhesion we use steel-shot blasting equipment, both portable and electric depending on what the work environment dictates, as well as planetary diamond grinding equipment for the purpose of readying the concrete for its respective resinous system. Using diamond tooling, our grinding process can be used to remove coatings (aggressive diamonds) or grind existing concrete (medium to coarse diamonds to produce an anchor profile). To polish concrete, we can also use finer diamonds to create a honed or highly polished look. We also grind existing paint to ready a surface for new coating.

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