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Custom Capability


McCord Contractors Inc offers painting services for all types of facilities.

We employ the best practices and use the correct coating or paint system for any task, from commercial to industrial painting jobs. There’s no substitute for good surface preparation and designing the appropriate paint application to accomplish the best value for your investment.

As with the concrete flooring business, surface preparation is key to standing the test of time. Taking the time to do the surface preparation is what ultimately yields the best job and this is also what sets us apart from our competitors.

For more information about our commercial and industrial painting services, we invite you to contact us today so that we can make an accurate assessment of your particular process or industry and design a customized solution for you!

Call us today to learn more and how we can help!

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Industrial Painting 

Industrial coatings and applications from McCord Contractors Inc. offer proven protection for all types of substrates and surfaces including floors, walls, and ceilings in even the most demanding and stringent environments.

Our company provides the application of a multitude of coatings ranging from typical latex materials and waterproofing to the much more complex epoxies, urethanes, and numerous other materials.

Our qualified painting technicians and applicator tradesmen have the experience and knowledge in applying these various coatings in all types of environments. From industrial plant holding tanks and confined space facilities to manufacturing and processing, we’ll help you identify the Correct coating required for your facility and your needs.

Commercial Painting 

No matter what your industry or what type of commercial facility your company uses, it is critical to have the best appearance, inside and out. McCord Contractors Inc. is a trusted commercial painting contractor specializing in interior and exterior painting for buildings of all types, style, and sizes. A fresh coat of paint does wonders for the look of any commercial facility, whether it is a retail store, restaurant, or office.  A fresh coat of paint will do wonders for any commercial setting and environment and will provide aesthetics and compliment your facilities appearance. Plus, with McCord Contractors Inc. handling your commercial painting needs, your project will be completed efficiently, on time and in a way that’s minimally invasive to your operations and your clientele.

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