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Custom Capability

Concrete Polishing

Concrete Polishing Services from McCord Contractors, Inc.

We provide several concrete polishing services. They include concrete surface preparation and repair services as a standalone service as well as (not a typical scenario) partnering in some applications with other reputable installers and make the determination on a case by case basis.

We are experts in concrete floor treatment and restoration. You can contract with us to complete your project from start to finish, or you do have the option to contract with us solely for the purpose of doing the surface prep and repair work while another company handles the flooring installation.

Dye Staining & Polishing 

Our concrete polishing works well for industrial applications, creating a smoother and more level surface that reduces driver fatigue, wear and tear on the forklift and tires as well as minimizing load shift. In addition, we also fill cracks and joints found in concrete slabs and remove excess material to produce a smooth joint.

Whether it’s an expansion joint or random dynamic cracking, most facilities require the maintenance and filling of these joints. In most cases, the concrete joints serve to isolate the propensity of concrete to crack or at a minimum attempt to direct where cracking should occur.

polish 2 concrete polishing
polish 2 concrete polishing
polish 1 concrete polishing
Polish 4 e1591211111573 concrete polishing
polish 2 concrete polishingpolish 1 concrete polishingPolish 4 e1591211111573 concrete polishing

Surface Prep 

Proper surface preparation is an extremely important factor in the immediate and long-term successful performance of applied polymer floor or wall systems.

When it comes to floor prep, McCord takes all the necessary steps and measures to ensure that the floor is properly prepared prior to any floor coating system. Listed below are guidelines that are followed in order to achieve the optimum performance and endurance from the floor coating system.

Repair 1 concrete polishing
Repair 1 concrete polishing
Repair 2 concrete polishing
Repair 3 concrete polishing
Repair 1 concrete polishingRepair 2 concrete polishingRepair 3 concrete polishing

Concrete Repairs

When making repairs to a concrete floor surface before a floor coating system is installed, it is important to use the correct repair compounds and patching material.

To get the best results, you must use specific products for specific repairs.

At McCord, we do not cut any corners or discount the surface repair process. We take the necessary time needed to repair all surface imperfections  Our goal is to provide the customer a finished product that meets their highest expectations.

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