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Surface Prep


Proper surface preparation is an extremely important factor in the immediate and long-term successful performance of applied polymer floor or wall systems.

When it comes to floor prep, McCord takes all the necessary steps and measures to ensure that the floor is properly prepared prior to any floor coating system. Listed below are guidelines that are followed in order to achieve the optimum performance and endurance from the floor coating system.

Surface Prep

1. Inspection of the concrete substrate

Inspection of the concrete substrate to determine its general condition, soundness, presence of contaminants, presence of moisture vapor emissions and the best methods to use in preparation of the surface to meet the requirements of the owner or the owner’s appointed representative is critical. A proper evaluation will lead to the selection of the proper tools and equipment to accomplish the objective.

2. Removal and replacement of non-durable concrete

Removal and replacement of non-durable concrete must be accomplished prior to installation of the polymer system. Localized weak or deteriorated concrete must be removed to sound concrete and replaced with cementitious or polymer concrete repair mortars, or an engineered concrete mix design

3. Decontamination of the concrete surface

Decontamination of the concrete surface requires the removal of oils, grease, wax, fatty acids and other contaminants, and is accomplished by the use of mechanical profiling methods and if necessary, detergent scrubbing with a heavy duty cleaner/degreaser, low pressure water cleaning (less than 5,000 psi), steam cleaning, or chemical cleaning. The success of these methods is dependent upon the depth of penetration of the contaminant; which is dependent upon the contaminant’s viscosity, the concrete’s permeability and the duration of exposure

4. Creation of surface profile

Creation of surface profile can be accomplished by a number of methods each utilizing a specific selection of equipment, tools and materials to accomplish the intended purpose. Selection is dependent upon the type of surface to be prepared and the type of system to be installed. The type and thickness of the selected polymer system also plays an important role in the selection process. Regardless of the method selected or tools employed a surface CSP (Concrete Surface Profile) must be achieved that will accept the application of polymer-based products and allow the mechanical bond of the polymer securely to the concrete. The type of service the structure will be subjected to, will also help to define the degree of profile required

5. Repair of surface irregularities

Repair of surface irregularities including bugholes, spalling, cracks, deteriorated joints, slopes, areas near transition zones, such as around drains and doorways, floor plumbing and penetrations.  These conditions and areas (If Applicable), must be repaired prior to the placement of the polymer system and/or the system must be designed to off-set the thickness of the irregularities

Proper Equipment

It is important to have the proper equipment to complete the task at hand.

At McCord,

Our broad range of high performance high tech floor prep equipment allows us to solve a  wide range of concrete flooring problems and related issues. We use only professional grade industry leading Planetary Floor Grinders, Shot Blasters, Scarifiers and Tile removers. Our crews can remove the toughest coatings, ceramic tile, VCT and carpet as well as smooth out and level uneven concrete and level heaved joints.

Our crews are all trained in safety compliance and trained to operate all of our equipment. This advantage, combined with our extensive inventory of floor prep equipment and tools, allows us to respond to your needs fast and with any production capacity.

You can be assured we have the experience and expertise needed to get your job done quickly and to the highest of standards.

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Please Take Note:

given work place liability, safety of our workers and those within close proximity to the process as well as inconsistent results, we no longer acid etch or advocate its use as a surface preparation method for concrete flooring to receive a resinous system. In order to produce the correct surface profile for the greatest adhesion we use steel shot blasting equipment, both portable and electric depending on what the work environment dictates, as well as planetary diamond grinding equipment for the purpose of readying the concrete for its respective resinous system. Using diamond tooling, our grinding process can be used to remove coatings (aggressive diamonds) or grind existing concrete (medium to coarse diamonds to produce an anchor profile). For the purpose of polishing concrete we can also use finer diamonds to create a honed or highly polished look. We also grind existing paint to ready a surface for new coating.

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