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Dye Staining And Polishing


Concrete Dyes are the latest technology in concrete coloring.

With the help of Nano Technology, Dye Stain transforms dull gray concrete into decorative, low maintenance finished concrete flooring.

At McCord Contractors Inc. we specialize in Dye Staining and Polished Concrete.

Dyed concrete floors offer a wide range of custom options and are ideal for commercial flooring. Concrete dyes have many more vibrant colors that can be blended to create an even greater color spectrum for your concrete flooring.

Dyes require no sloppy neutralizing or rinsing, and can be sealed almost immediately after application. This type of staining will bring character, personality, and beauty to your floor.

If you have inquiries regarding any of our concrete services such as our concrete polishing, concrete dying, or acid staining techniques, feel free to contact us and learn more about Dye Staining and Polishing and how we can help!

Dye Stain


  • Unlike acid stains, the floor colors are not reactive and will continue to intensify with each application.
  • Concrete dyes may be used on exposed polished concrete floors, as well as a cream finish polished concrete.
  • Floor dyes are more predictable as to the final outcome of the color compared to acid stains which are reactive and somewhat unpredictable.

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    Please Take Note:

    given work place liability, safety of our workers and those within close proximity to the process as well as inconsistent results, we no longer acid etch or advocate its use as a surface preparation method for concrete flooring to receive a resinous system. In order to produce the correct surface profile for the greatest adhesion we use steel shot blasting equipment, both portable and electric depending on what the work environment dictates, as well as planetary diamond grinding equipment for the purpose of readying the concrete for its respective resinous system. Using diamond tooling, our grinding process can be used to remove coatings (aggressive diamonds) or grind existing concrete (medium to coarse diamonds to produce an anchor profile). For the purpose of polishing concrete we can also use finer diamonds to create a honed or highly polished look. We also grind existing paint to ready a surface for new coating.

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