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Epoxy Floor Colors

Exploring the Latest Epoxy Floor Colors for Commercial Spaces

How much do you think the color of your floor matters for your commercial space? If you believe it’s not a big deal, you might want to think again. A recent study suggests that colors alone can influence up to 90% of an initial impression.

That means the color of your floor can significantly impact how your employees and customers perceive and react to your business. When it comes to epoxy floor colors, there are plenty to choose from to match your brand identity and aesthetics. This blog post explores the latest epoxy floor colors to consider.

Let’s dive in!

Neutral Tones: The Safe Bet for Commercial Spaces

Neutral tones like grays, taupes, and beiges are popular for epoxy floors in commercial spaces. They’re versatile and work well with most design schemes and furniture choices. Neutral epoxy floors also make spaces seem brighter and bigger.

Timeless Sophistication

Neutral epoxy floors offer a clean, stylish look, perfect for upscale offices and lounges. Subtle organic undertones like light tans or hints of blue provide depth and dimension. At the same time, they avoid strong contrasts that may date over time.

Neutrals offer a soothing backdrop that allows bolder furniture pieces and brand colors to pop without clashing. Choosing medium gray floors can make your clients feel that you are professional and competent in your work. This can be beneficial for law firms or financial agencies.

Professional Polish

Plain gray, beige, or white floors in offices, hospitals, and labs help people stay focused and professional. Both are key for productivity. Neutral floors allow better attention on work, learning, and conversations without getting distracted by loud colors.

Soft beiges and steely greys are also great for conveying competence. Neutral floors can also help create better lighting conditions in workspaces. This can go a long way toward improving detailed work.

Brighten Small Spaces

For smaller retail stores, cafés, or offices, pale neutral light colors can make the environment appear larger and more expansive. Unlike dark colors, which seem to shrink a room, soft neutrals reflect light to deliver an airy aesthetic. Combining neutral epoxy floors with light wall and ceiling paint provides maximum spaciousness.

Warm ivory floors for studios and small shops keep the space light and inviting compared to stark white that may appear clinical. Soft grays work nicely as they don’t show scuffs as easily as creamy tones.

Bright and Dark Colors for a Visually Stimulating Environment

Vibrant, bold colors like primary colors or deep blues and purples are getting popular for stores, cafes, and businesses that want to energize and excite people. They are also an excellent way to make a statement. However, balancing dramatic colors takes planning to keep them from color-clashing.

Bright Colors Invigorate

High-visibility colors like yellow, orange, and pink floors inject energy and spark office creativity. Cheery colors stimulate brainstorming, lift spirits, and promote teamwork. Putting bright epoxy floors in break rooms, meeting areas, and community spaces brings people together to share ideas.

Dark Colors Focus

On the flip side, dark blue, green, and purple floors help people focus, thus increasing productivity. Calm darks let employees concentrate on individual work or conversations. Along with soft lighting, dark areas carve out quiet spaces far from lively zones.

Balance Bright and Dark

Making bright and dark floors work means finding balance so the environment feels cohesive. Too many sporadic brights may distract, while only neutral darks could dampen moods. Thoughtful placement suits different tasks by setting apart purposes. For instance, a bright path could lead to common rooms against darker private cubicles.

Reflect Brand Identity With Custom Epoxy Floor Colors

Matching custom epoxy floors to brand colors presents a unique chance to weave logo hues into the space. This creates a cohesive look and feel that’s uniquely yours. With endless color options, you can create a one-of-a-kind floor that reflects your brand’s personality and style.

Boost Brand Recognition

Using colors from your logo or brand guide can strengthen visual recognition and create a sense of familiarity. For instance, a tech company might choose sleek gray floors with a pop of teal, echoing their professionalism and innovation.

Show Unique Personality

Beyond duplicating exact logo colors, custom epoxy makes showcasing your brand’s unique personality easy. For example, a children’s museum could develop bright, playful floors inspired by its color scheme to match its high-energy space. Similarly, a fashion boutique might choose a black base with bold metallic sheens for a luxe on-brand aesthetic.

Consider Color Psychology

Remember that colors can evoke certain emotions, so choose colors that fit your brand’s image. For example, blue and green can create a calming atmosphere for professional settings like finance or healthcare. Meanwhile, red can create a sense of urgency and encourage customers to open their wallets.

Metallic Epoxy: Adding Class to Business Spaces

Metallic epoxy floors lend a shiny look that says “high-end” and “sophisticated.” They come in different colors like silver, gold, copper, and chromatic tones that sparkle and shine. This draws attention to the upscale interior design. Besides looking great, metallic epoxy coatings are stronger than regular floors.

Showroom Sparkle

Businesses like jewelry shops and fashion boutiques benefit from metallic epoxy floors. These colors add to the ritzy image, which customers love. Their soft sheen gives off a warm, elegant vibe that’s amplified by glass storefronts and shelves. This makes the whole place look super posh.

Professional Polish

In professional settings, metallic floors make a great first impression on clients who want top-notch service. The upgraded look can benefit businesses like legal firms and department store makeup counters. A gleaming metallic floor in the entrance or featured on an accent wall sets the tone for a swanky experience.

Upgrade Your Space With Epoxy Floor Colors

As you can see, there are many options for epoxy floor colors for commercial spaces. Whether you want to incorporate brand colors or create a visually stimulating space, there’s an epoxy floor color for you.

That said, it takes a qualified professional to install epoxy flooring. This is where McCord Contractors comes in. We work with industrial and commercial clients to design and install custom floorings.

Reach out today to schedule a consultation and learn more about our services.

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